Your bibliography has been building up since you began your thesis proposal.

  • The bibliography should include all works that were used in the development, research, and writing of your thesis, not just the works that are quoted

Note: your bibliography is sometimes referred to as References (such as for Psychology and Math for Teaching theses), and it is sometimes divided into two parts: Works Cited and Works Consulted (such as for Humanities).

Verify that your listing is strictly alphabetical, and follows the detailed alphabetization rules of the relevant style guide (single authors before multiple authors, alphabetizing within the same last name by first name, etc.).

  • Even if you use a citation tool like RefWorks, you are still responsible for verifying that each listing is accurate, that no works are omitted, and that the listing complies with current discipline-specific style guides

Your bibliography should comply with any discipline-specific guidance available - for further guidance, please refer to the appropriate discipline-specific area located on this page.