Biology: Background of the Problem

This section should explain the origins of your research question or problem, drawing on your preliminary reading and other studies.

To fully cover the Background of the Problem in Biology, you need to do the following:

  • Introducing the area you are researching

  • Review what has been done already in this area and the way(s) in which your proposed project will differ from earlier work

  • Show that you are familiar with the major current interpretations concerning the problem you have chosen, so that you do not simply duplicate existing or outdated research

The background section must be directed specifically to the research problem.

The aim is not to simply provide a general overview of the topic or to present a string of references to others’ works. Rather, it is to demonstrate that a specific problem has been identified and to show its relationship to the research of other investigators.

Think of this section like a funnel - you should start with a broad introduction to the field you are studying, and you work your way to your specific question. By the time the reader gets to the question, he or she should be able to easily understand it and why it’s important to the field in general.

Background of the Problem in Biology is usually about 8-12 pages in length, and will form the introduction of the thesis. All cited articles should be presented with specific references, prepared according to APA style.