Biology: Bibliographies

Examples of citations using APA formatting:

Geertz, C. (1973). The interpretation of cultures. New York: Basic Books.

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La Greca, A.M., & Spetter, D.S., (1992). Psychosocial aspects of childhood diabetes: A multivariate framework. In N. Schneiderman & A. Baum, (Eds.), Stress & disease processes: Perspectives in behavioral medicine. Hillsdale, NJ: Earlbaum.

Chamberlin, J., Novotney, A., Packard, E., & Price, M. (2008, May). Enhancing worker well-being: Occupational health psychologists convene to share their research on work, stress, and health. Monitor on Psychology, 39(5), 26-29.

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Answers to further questions about APA form can be found in the sixth edition of the APA Publication Manual (2010), on reserve in Grossman Library.