Biotechnology: Parts of the Proposal

Research proposals in Biotechnology are organized into the following sections:

Cover Page (see example in Templates)

I. Tentative Title

II. Research Problem (2-4 pages)

III. Definition of Terms

IV. Background of the Research Problem (5-7 pages)

V. Research Methods

VI. Research Limitations

VII. Tentative Schedule

VIII. References - include annotations

In addition to program field and institutional information, the cover page should include contact information for you and your thesis director(s).

Titles for each section contain upper-case Roman numerals.

The research methods and research limitations sections may be combined into a single section titled: “Research Methods and Limitations”.

Page ranges for two of the sections are indicated above.

  • Proposals should not exceed a total of twenty double-spaced, typewritten pages
  • Annotated references may be single-spaced within each, but double-spaced between references

Examples of proposals should be consulted before you begin and are available in Biotechnology: Proposal Examples.