How do I choose between a thesis and a capstone?

Some programs have the option to pursue either the Thesis or Capstone track.

A Thesis is the more appropriate choice if:

  • You want to earn a PhD or other advanced degree later on
  • You want the experience of writing for a publication
  • You want to work individually with a Research Advisor and Thesis Director
  • You are more self-directed, are good at managing projects with little supervision, and have a clear direction for your work
  • You have a project that requires more time (9-12 months) to pursue than can be done in a single class

The Capstone route is the more appropriate choice if:

  • You want to focus on a smaller-scale project that highlights your technical skills to a current or future employer
  • You want to work with a client or supervisor on a real-world project that can address a pressing business need
  • You want more input on your project from fellow students and other instructors; you prefer to work in a community instead of alone
  • You want more structure to your project, including more internal milestones and due dates

For more information about the Capstone option in the various programs that offer it, please see