How long will it take and when will I be able to graduate?

There are many variables to thesis completion, including the time and effort that you put toward thesis proposal creation as well as thesis director availability. You should be prepared for the entire thesis process, from registering for Crafting the Proposal to submission of the final draft of your thesis, to take 15-18 months. Four to eight months for proposal writing and thesis director assignment, then nine months to write the thesis, plus an additional month for your thesis director to assign a grade along with final format review by your Research Advisor. 

Specifically, if your nine-month thesis schedule allows you to submit your final thesis by:
  • September 1, you’ll be able to be a November graduate
  • January 1, you’ll be able to be a March graduate.
  • March 1, you’ll be able to be a May graduate.

Please Note:

  • Before working on creating a thesis proposal candidates typically begin discussing possible thesis topics with their Research Advisor after finishing six courses.
  • Your proposal has to be accepted by your Research Advisor before you can begin any thesis work
  • Your thesis needs to meet the approval of both your Thesis Director and your Research Advisor