Is the thesis graded?

Yes, your Thesis Director is in charge of submitting a grade for your thesis work. You must obtain a B- or higher for your thesis to count toward your degree.

  • A and A−

represent work of superior quality indicating a full mastery of the research subject and, in the case of A, work of extraordinary distinction

  • B+, B, and B−

represent work of good to very good quality; however, it does not merit special distinction

  • C+, C, and C−

designate an average command of the research material

  • D+, D, and D−

indicate work that shows a significant deficiency in knowledge of the material

  • E

a failing grade representing work that deserves no credit

  • TNC (Thesis Not Complete)

assigned to students who do not complete the work on the thesis

If you have already earned two withdrawal grades, the TNC grade will count as zero in your cumulative GPA

If you earn a TNC or grade below a B– on work submitted, you will need to petition the Administrative Board for permission to enroll in the thesis for one final time

  • If approved, you may be required to develop a new proposal on a different topic and you will be assigned a different thesis director
  • The Administrative Board only reviews cases in which extenuating circumstances prevented the successful completion of the thesis