When can I start the thesis process?

You can start the thesis proposal process when you have:

  • Completed a minimum of six degree courses (24 credits) with grades of B- or higher
    • Some disciplines require that you complete specific courses - be sure to review yours
  • Contacted your Academic Advisor to determine your eligibility and to review the overall process
  • Met with your Research Advisor to begin to discuss potential topics
  • Note that typically students are required to complete eight degree courses before taking the Crafting the Thesis Proposal tutorial or course, but they can begin meeting with their Research Advisor (and are encouraged to do so) to discuss topics after completing six courses

Additional Discipline-specific Information

Sustainability program

After you have completed at least six courses you may enroll in ENVR E/S-496, Crafting the Thesis Proposal course.

  • This course helps you develop critical thinking, scholarly writing skills, and research abilities while developing your individual thesis proposal
  • Class meetings feature different scientific approaches, group work and intensive, constructive discussion of student thesis research projects & proposals

Biotechnology (all fields)

In addition to completing six courses, you must demonstrate competency in statistics:

  • Earn a B- or higher in one undergraduate or graduate statistics course at Harvard Extension School or Summer School (this course does not count toward the degree)

ALM in Government, International Relations, and Biology

  • One of your completed six courses must be a Harvard Extension School or Summer School statistics course, in which you earn a grade of B- or higher
  • Please use the degree course search to choose the correct statistics course for your field