Humanities: Background of the Problem

What is the Background of the Humanities Research Problem?

This is your opportunity to tell us the origins and context of your research question or problem.

What must I accomplish in this section?

  • You will show us that a specific problem has been identified
  • You will show us the relationship of this problem to the work of other investigators
  • You will prove that you know the major current opinions or interpretations about the problem you have chosen to investigate
  • You will show us that you aren’t simply duplicating existing or outdated research, you are adding something that illustrates your original thinking

What else is helpful to know?

  • This section is longer than the research problem, usually several pages in length
  • It is helpful to give one or more detailed examples that illustrates how your approach to your subject will illuminate it
  • Be sure to present all cited works in MLA 8th Edition formatting
  • Remember: the aim is not to provide simply an overview of the topic or to present a string of references to others’ works - you must demonstrate that you have identified a specific problem and show its relationship to the work of other scholars