Humanities: Parts of the Thesis

Front Matter

The Humanities manuscript begins with a Title page, followed by a blank page (also known as the copyright page), and then the Abstract page, on which appears a summary of the whole thesis.

In the following order - and on separate pages - there appear:

  1. Title page
  2. blank page
  3. Abstract
  4. Frontispiece (optional)
  5. Author’s Biographical sketch (optional)
  6. Dedication (optional)
  7. Acknowledgments (optional)
  8. Table of Contents
  9. List of Tables (as needed)
  10. List of Figures (as needed)

Body of the Thesis

The Humanities thesis is composed of Chapters.

  • Chapter 1 is usually an Introduction
  • Chapter 2 is often comprised of background information from the Background section of your proposal. Exactly how many chapters you will have depends on your topic and your Thesis Director’s input
  • The final chapter is typically your Conclusion

End Matter

Like front matter, materials at the close of the thesis have a special format and sequence.

They appear in the following order and begin on separate pages:

  1. Appendices or Supplements
  2. Endnotes
  3. Bibliography or References
  4. Index (optional)