Information Technology: Parts of the Proposal

Most proposals for the Information Technology discipline will contain the following sections:

1. Abstract - a brief statement of the goal

    • Only a paragraph or two

2. Introduction - a description of the problem at hand

    • A natural next step is to describe the requirements

3. Prior Work - acknowledgment of what has been done before to help you focus your effort

4. Tools - a list of applications, libraries, languages, or licenses that you need

    • Please defend your choices

5. Implementation - an outline of the organization of your project

    • Include informative figures

6. Schedule - a list of what you expect to have completed

    • Your schedule is typically laid out in two-week to one-month blocks
    • Please do not include deadlines for proposal acceptance and document preparation
    • Focus instead on the steps you will need to finish your project

7. References - a list of references you cited

    • Please avoid Wikipedia in favor of books and reviewed journals