Information Technology: Parts of the Thesis

Here are some topics you expect to find in an IT thesis.  These may each appear in their own chapter, or combined with others.  Not all theses have all topics noted below, though most have most of them.

Abstract - a brief statement of the problem you have addressed and of your contribution

Problem statement - What is the problem? Why is it important? What does your project achieve?

Prior work - a comprehensive review of the related work - Your review should make clear the difference between your work and prior work

Requirements - a list of the requirements for your project - This may involve a review of the process with which you are dealing

System Overview - an overview of your design - What are the major parts? How do they communicate? Figures can help tell your story

Design and Technology Choices - a list of libraries and frameworks you used to implement your solution - What design choices did you have? Why did you make the choices you did?

Algorithmic Challenges - a description of any algorithms that you had to implement, together with the alternatives

Implementation - details on the implementation, as well as some of the challenges

Results and Evaluation - a discussion of your results

Summary and Conclusions - a recap of your main contributions, the results and some pointers for future work - What would you have done differently had you been starting today?

Glossary - a list of jargon and terms you used - Even if you include a Glossary, please define any jargon or acronym when they first appear

References - a list, in APA format, of the works you cited - Please avoid citing Wikipedia