Creative Writing & Literature: Parts of the Proposal

The Creative Writing & Literature proposal consists of two parts: a critical essay and a description of the original creative work you are developing for the thesis.

Critical essay

  • Positions your work within the larger context of past literary achievements and especially the writers from whom you have learned -- those who have influenced your work in demonstrable ways
  • Considers the issues with which your own fiction is concerned (whether a theme, a subject, a setting, a worldview, a way of manipulating time or point-of-view, the use of metaphor and symbol) 
  • Discusses the techniques of other writers who have inspired you
  • Tends to be about ten or twelve pages of the entire proposal

While some secondary sources should be consulted on these writers, this isn’t a research paper per se.   

Description of original work

  • A brief description of the original stories, novel, or creative work that you intend to present as part of your thesis

The Creative Writing & Literature proposal typically totals fifteen to eighteen pages and includes a bibliography and citations, formatted in accordance to the MLA Handbook, 8th ed.

Useful information

You will work with your Research Advisor, Dr. Talaya Delaney, in the development of your proposal.

  • Once she has approved your proposal, Dr. Delaney will ask for a sample of your creative work.  She will then assign you a thesis director, and you will then be allowed to enroll in the thesis course.   Your Research Advisor will find you a thesis director; please do not approach faculty directly.