Math for Teaching: Using Human Subjects in Research (IRB)

  1. For thesis projects involving interaction with students and/or other teachers through surveys, interviews, etc. it is critical to submit the proposed work to the Committee for Use of Human Subjects (CUHS) at Harvard at the beginning of the project - before any work is done
  2. Your Research Advisor will help you start to construct your protocol application to the CUHS after enough detail about your thesis project has been determined. Do not submit a CUHS application without your Research Advisor’s approval
  3. The Math for Teaching Program Director is typically identified as the Faculty Sponsor for Math for Teaching thesis projects
  4. The CUHS provides online training that you should go through during the thesis proposal process. The training is not trivial (i.e. it takes a number of hours), but is worth going through as an educational experience

Online CUHS ethics training 

Navigate to the Required Ethics Training tab ( at the top of the main CUHS web page.

You will need to complete all of the modules in the first section

In addition, choose the following modules in the second section:

  • Research with Children
  • Research in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools
  • Vulnerable Subjects Research
  • Hot Topics

along with either of the following:

  • Internet-Based Research
  • International Research