Math for Teaching: Parts of the Thesis

Thesis Front Matter:

  • Title page (see example in Templates)
  • Blank page (or copyright page)
  • Abstract (typically one, sometimes two pages long)
  • Biographical sketch written in third person (optional)
  • Dedication (optional)
  • Acknowledgements (optional – typically gives thanks to your Thesis Director)
  • Table of Contents
  • List of Tables (if tables are used)
  • List of Figures (if figures are used)

Main Body of Thesis

Typical chapter organization (this can vary depending on your project):

Chapter 1: Introduction/Background/Context of Problem/Project/Overview of thesis organization
Chapter 2: Project Description/Methods
Chapter 3: Results/Data Analysis
Chapter 4: Summary/Conclusions

Depending on how much information you are presenting in the thesis, Chapter 1 is sometimes split into two distinct chapters, and Chapter 3 is sometimes split into two separate chapters: e.g., a data results section, followed by a separate analysis/interpretation chapter.

Order for the End Matter:

  • Appendices (optional)
  • References (in APA format)

Pagination details

Front Matter:

  • Use lower case Roman numerals located in the bottom center of each page
  • Numbers should not appear until the first page after the Abstract (beginning with “iv” or “v” depending on whether the Abstract is one or two pages long, respectively)
  • The Roman numerals should end on the last page of the front matter (i.e. on the last page of the table of contents, or the list of tables or figures)

 Main Body:

  • The first page of Chapter 1 begins with new numbering using Hindu-Arabic numbers starting with “1”
  • Numbering ends on the last page of the references (i.e. the last page of the thesis)