Psychology IconPsychology at Harvard is taught as a quantitative science.

All students concentrating in Psychology must take Statistics 150 prior to being admitted to the ALM program.

If you have already completed an advanced statistics course for the behavioral sciences - for graduate credit and including multivariate analysis - you can apply to take the Statistics waiver exam.

  • The Statistics waiver exam is individually scheduled with Dante Spetter, Ph.D., Research Advisor in Behavioral Science
  • If you wish to apply for the exam, please send Dr. Spetter a transcript showing the course you have already completed

email: - or post (to Dr. Spetter's attention) at Division of Continuing Education, 51 Brattle Street, Cambridge MA 02138

Students who are permitted to waive this course must substitute another course as the third course for admission, chosen from any course that fulfills their degree requirements.

  • You will still need to take 9 courses - plus the thesis - to graduate

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Creating the Thesis