Psychology: Parts of the Proposal

The Thesis Proposal for Psychology is typically fifteen to eighteen double-spaced pages.

You must lay out the theoretical and empirical support for your specific Research Question and Hypothesis in sufficient detail that a reader can agree - or disagree - with your thought process. You should provide enough background that an ALM classmate, who may not know anything about your research area, can understand your work.

Examples of proposals may be found here: Psychology: Proposal Examples

In your proposal, include a Title Page with the field of concentration, your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and the date on which your proposal is being submitted.

  • Review the Title Page template here: Templates

Proposal Sections - Psychology

  1. Tentative Title
  2. Research Problem
    • What is the question?
    • What is the hypothesized answer to the question?
    • What is the approach you will take to evaluating the hypothesis?
    • What is the significance or importance of learning this information?
  3. Definition of Terms (including both operational and conceptual definitions as appropriate)
  4. Background of the Problem
    1. You should review - not just report - what others have done
    2. Your readers will learn where the field is at, what kinds of methods others have used to research your area, and why your work is helpful/necessary
  5. Research Method (divided into Participants, Measures, Procedures, and Analysis Plan). You must have a specific plan for recruiting participants and for data collection before your proposal can be approved. This section should also explicitly address Human Subjects protection and how you intend to protect your participants’ confidentiality
  6. Research Limitations
  7. Tentative Schedule
  8. References

All Proposals and all Theses in Psychology must be prepared in APA Format.