Revising Your Proposal

Your proposal will help determine whether a faculty member or other professional will consent to work with you as your Thesis Director.

  • Usually the first draft of your proposal will need further work and not be acceptable yet 
  • It often can take three to four weeks for your Research Advisor to return your proposal
  • It typically takes 3 to 4 drafts before your proposal is approved by your Research Advisor

Why Might I Have to Revise?

Revisions may be needed if you haven’t determined how the principal question can be answered or the hypothesis tested.

  • Your topic lacks focus - try to look at a specific, not a general, problem
  • Your proposal asks no question or presents no hypothesis
  • You’re trying to cover too much material

What About Writing Style?

Writing style concerns will need to be addressed if your proposal lacks the proper format or consistently demonstrates sub-standard usage of English.

  • Make sure your writing style follows the guidelines in your field
  • Use correct grammar, spelling, format, and citations. It is essential that you proofread your work!
  • Be sure to number the pages in your proposal

Need additional writing help?

The HES Writing Center is here to provide guidance: HES Writing Center