Social Sciences: Parts of the Proposal

Proposals in Social Sciences typically contain twenty to twenty-five double-spaced, typewritten pages.

The style and content of your proposal will depend upon the specific research problem and method you choose. Your Research Advisor can help you in making your selection.

Examples of research proposals from years past can be found here: Social Sciences: Proposal Examples

  • Please be sure to review several before beginning to write your proposal

Your proposal should have a Title Page that includes your:

  1. field of concentration
  2. name
  3. address
  4. telephone number
  5. e-mail address
  6. date on which your proposal is being submitted

See a sample proposal title page here: Templates

All Social Sciences proposals should include the following sections:

  1. Tentative Title
  2. Research Problem
  3. Definition of Terms
  4. Background of the Problem
  5. Research Method(s)
  6. Research Limitations
  7. Tentative Schedule
  8. Working Bibliography - this should include the following: 
    • works cited
    • works consulted (annotated)
    • works to be consulted