Sustainability: Formatting Your Thesis for Approval

Careful formatting of your thesis is required

  • You are responsible for implementing the thesis formatting rules, which are extensive and specific
  • Apply these formatting rules in early drafts so you may apply them to final versions
  • Your Research Advisor will be reviewing your final draft and annotating it with required changes, so submit revisions as Word docs to allow tracked changes
  • This is an iterative process, and may require several revisions until completely correct - it depends on your attention to the rules
  • Finally, generate a PDF of the final approved revision of your Word doc - carefully check the formatting!

The easiest way to view required formatting is to:

  • Examine PDFs of completed theses available on Harvard’s DASH site (Digital Access to Scholarship at Harvard):

1. Browse “Communities & Collections” on the right-hand list

2. Select the “Theses and Dissertations” link under Harvard Division of Continuing Education

  • Many of the theses listed here are in the field of Sustainability (or the former name - Sustainability and Environmental Management)

3. Click on the titles to read abstracts and download PDFs that are of interest to you - review these for examples of methodology as well as subject matter

Note: these DASH theses generally illustrate correct formatting, but there still might be some errors in any particular thesis, so be sure to check against current formatting rules as well.