Sustainability: Submitting Your Proposal for Approval

Your proposal must be approved by your Research Advisor, after either:

  • You have an approved final proposal developed during the E/S-200 course, or
  • You wish to change your final proposal following the E/S-200 course, and submit a revised version, or
  • You need to revise your E/S-200 final proposal into an acceptable version, or
  • If in discussing your proposal with your Thesis Director, you agree on substantial changes to your research hypotheses or methodology

Follow required formatting

Your proposal must follow the required outline of topics and headings (see Sustainability: Parts of the Proposal)

To make it easy for you to transition the proposal to your written thesis, follow the formatting rules for all relevant sections and features, including:

  • Fonts, margins and spacing
  • Figure and table titles, as well as captions
  • References in APA style