Understanding the Process

We know the thesis process feels complicated due to its multiple steps, but each step is manageable if taken in the correct sequence.

The following is a brief overview, which we hope will alleviate confusion and inspire confidence:

  • After completing 24 credits, you meet with your research advisor to narrow down your academic passion to a workable research question.
  • Between 24 and 32 credits, you start drafting the prework document for the Crafting the Thesis Proposal (CTP) Tutorial.
  • Once your prework has been officially approved by your RA by the required deadline (June 1 for fall CTP and November 1 for spring CTP) and you've completed at least 32 credits (including statistics/research methods, if required for your field), you officially register for the CTP Tutorial.
  • During the CTP Tutorial, your research advisor will help you construct the required thesis proposal document (i.e., your research plan).
  • Once you complete an acceptable thesis proposal, your research advisor will locate a thesis director. The thesis director may request further edits to your proposal.
  • The two previous steps also include official registration in the thesis (see The Thesis Process for registration and payment details).
  • Once a thesis director is found and under his or her direction, you'll following through on your research plans and produce a scholarly paper with required chapters, ordinarily at least 50 pages in length.
  • When submitting your thesis, it is critical that you follow the required Format and Submission Guidelines.

For Creative Writing students, please go directly to the Discipline Specific guide here.