Uploading Your Thesis to the Library (ETD)

When your Thesis Director is satisfied with the content of your thesis, and when your Research Advisor has reviewed and approved the formatting of the document, you will be cleared to upload a PDF of your thesis to Harvard University's Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) submission system (as noted in Submitting Your Thesis for Approval).

By submitting work through ETDs @ Harvard, you will be signing the Harvard Author Agreement, which grants the University a non-exclusive license to preserve, reproduce, and display the work. This license does not restrict your right to publish your work subsequently.

ETDs @ Harvard does support redacted, or edited, versioning for the rare cases where there is sensitive or potentially harmful material in a thesis. If you think your work should be redacted, select the “I think I need to submit a redacted version of my dissertation” button on the file upload screen.

If you need to block access to the full text of your dissertation, you have the option to embargo your work for six months, one year, or two years. Your Research Advisor can help you decide if you need to embargo your work. Requests are made in the ETDs @ Harvard system and must be approved by the Academic Policy Committee.

To learn more about Harvard's open access initiatives, review the following Brief Introduction to Open Access by the Director of the OSC.