Working Bibliography

The working bibliography should

  • Be selective
  • Demonstrate that you have actually read the sources you cite, know which further sources you will need to consult, and why
  • Represent an interim tally of your progress
  • Include most of the materials that will actually be used in the finished research project

The bibliography should list the following under separate subheadings:

  • Works Cited - all works cited in the proposal
  • Works Consulted - all works consulted in preparation of the proposal
    • For some disciplines, your sources should be accompanied by a brief description of the work’s contents and value for the investigation—a so-called annotated bibliography - please check with your Research Advisor to find out if you need to create an annotated bibliography as part of your thesis proposal
  • Works to Be Consulted - all works you intend to consult in further research and writing
    • Sources within these various sections can be further divided into: primary and secondary works, or according to the various media they represent (books, journals, recordings, interviews, on-line databases)

The bibliography should reflect an organized approach to the research problem.

  • This will help your Research Advisor assess the nature and direction of your research, and will facilitate suggestions for additional reading by your Thesis Director

The bibliography should be prepared in the specific form required for the finished thesis.

Formatting Style Guides

  • All Humanities students should use the MLA style
    • please use the materials on the MLA site for guidance & check with your Research Advisor for specific questions
  • All Social Sciences students in the fields of anthropology & archaelogyhistory, government, international relations, and history of science, technology, and medicine should use the Chicago Manual of Style
  • All students in the professional degree programs (Sustainability, Info. Tech., Math for Teaching and Biotechnology) as well as some of the liberal arts fields including Psychology and Biology should use the APA style